Whither mateship?


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What is it about that little bit of gauzy paper attached to your ears with elastic (or bandana if you’re feeling jaunty) that so incenses the fragile individualists among us? Cries of ‘fundamental rights’ being infringed abound, even as somebody’s Granny is wheeled feet-first from her aged care home into a refrigerated van.

We used to be a nation that valued mateship—lending a hand, demonstrating selflessness in the face of adversity, being a mensch. These days, not so much.


You don’t have to look too far or too deep to work out why. Fuelled by far-right Facebook filter bubbles and the illicit thrill of QAnon conspiracy theories greedily consumed in the midnight hour, a confederacy of dunces has found their Little Bighorn. (Coincidentally, also the name they give to their tiny penises.)


COVID-19 is a hoax! Dan Andrews is in cahoots with Big Pharma! Microchips in your bloodstream! Apparently, that all makes more sense than science and data and observable facts. But you can’t explain Occam’s Razor to people who can’t even spell it.




My point is that the only way we’ll beat back coronavirus, reopen our economies, and get to spend at least one more Christmas with our grandparents, is for us to put aside the selfish pursuit of individualism in favour of a social compact with our communities. In other words, a return to mateship.


Today, we’re launching a series of 50 Crates PSA’s that appeal to collective goodwill in the name of keeping each other safe and well. Every member of our team has taken a crack—some are dark, some are funny, none would ever make it through the Department of Health’s communications guidelines.


No matter.


Our goal with this series was to flex our creative muscle in pursuit of a worthy cause: mask up for your mates.


Let us know what you think in the comments, mate.


Natasha Roberton, Creative Strategist @ 50 Crates

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