Leaders. Those rare individuals who step up and forge the way for others, who provide clarity and boldness to move on. A darkness grows around them.

Consumed by a relentless storm of information and misinformation.

Fake news. Political backstabbing.Outrage cancel culture. An increasingly-elusive consumer existing in a fragmented world.  

As their confidence wanes, leaders feel more and more disconnected.

Uncertainty threatens decision making, planning and innovation.

The unseen, the unknown, the confusing or perplexing is a new beast who sounds smart and deadly but is superficial and heartless.

Armed with cultural truths and powerful insights, we stand against these forces that lurk in the shadows and halt greatness.

We are 50 Crates.

We exist for business leaders who still believe culture, brands and storytelling are vital but who are have fallen unsure of the right steps to take.  

In moments of darkness, we not only expose the bear - we fearlessly poke it, enabling leaders to stand tall, buoyed by powerful belief and empowered with a light that brings clarity to the now, whilst igniting a bold future.

Create inspire think change

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