Tales from Isolation: Playground


A series of random - socially distant - thoughts.

How do you explain to a three year old that the park is open, but the playground is closed?

We stood there, on our scooters, overlooking the sand pit. The metal digger suspended in a half-dig, sometime a few weeks ago. Construction abandoned.

The climbing castle and slide, wrapped in white and red tape.

The swings, removed.

It wasn't the first time Sofia had seen the playground closed in recent weeks. But this chilly afternoon, the promise of a babychino across the road wasn't gonna cut it.

"Can i go on the playground?"
"No, sorry, Dear."
"They have to clean the germs."

The germs.

It's easier to explain to a three year old versus "a pandemic coronavirus outbreak called COVID_19, which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome."

But this day, she'd had just about enough of the fucking germs. She took off her ladybug helmet and threw it in frustration onto the ground. She didn't want to scooter anymore. We went home and watched Moana (again).

A few days later, on our short drive home from childcare, the usual conversation... What'd you do today? Who'd you play with? etc.

She explained that they'd learned about washing their hands (a lot) and the importance of staying away from each other (social distancing). She talked so innocently about learning to not hold hands with their friends, or to get too close, or hug or touch one another.

I listened, and my heart broke a little. We'd been working so hard to protect her naive bliss; to shelter her. But it was clear that not even the littlest ones would escape the impact of this virus, even subconsciously. Now it was my time to feel frustrated.

These fucking germs.


By Age Conte - Head of Brand Development @ 50 Crates

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