Tales from Isolation: Holding Our Breath


A series of random - socially distant - thoughts.

Is it just me, or is this "new normal" starting to not feel not so new anymore?

We're settling into our socially distant, isolated lives. Working from our homes, overeating, expressing ourselves through wacky Zoom backgrounds...

Only a few weeks ago - it feels like a lifetime - I was getting up at 5am to line up for toilet paper and groceries at my local Coles. Walking into empty shelves, I felt the weight of being a provider for my family in this hopeless situation. Then literally everything got cancelled. Then the media continued to freak everybody the fuck out. We watched helplessly as the virus enveloped cities, countries and societies globally, changing us all, sparing no-one. We held our collective breath as the wave crashed over us.

But it does feel like the panic and uncertainty has faded; especially here. Are Australians moving into a new phase of this pandemic? One of acceptance? A strange apathy toward our invisible enemy and it's long-tail trail of destruction?

As the waters begin to recede and the body count and job losses pile up... it all feels like old news now. We're in unchartered societal and psychological waters... can anyone really predict what toll this will have on our psyches?

As always, a song says it better than I ever could... the middle bridge of the song Fair by Ben Folds Five repeats the lyrics...

"All this breathing in, never breathing out.
All this breathing in, never breathing out.
All this breathing in, never breathing out."

I don't know when this will be over. Or if it ever will be in some deeper way.

But I do feel like it's time for us to breathe out.

To mourn what has been lost (especially lives).

To take back whatever control we can.

And to start planning for the next "new normal".


By Age Conte - Head of Brand Development @ 50 Crates

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