It’s time for some brutal truths


Brutal is just human nature

At the start of this year, when coronavirus was little more than a distant blip on the radar of most Australians, I sat down to write my fourth book.

It’s a book that’s been in the making for over 30 years as I have watched and pondered the alarming slide from a world of real language, gut instinct and socially intuitive behaviours, into a world of societal norms that make very little sense in any pub test.

It’s a book of Brutal Truths, and in fact that’s what it’s called. Its pages are filled with truths that may not be easy to hear, but for that very reason are more important than ever to understand.

Let me be perfectly clear; this is not a book about COVID-19. But as I sat back and re-read the manuscript, I realised I had written somewhat of an explanation for what was happening.

Coronavirus wasn’t a health crisis – it was a wake-up call for humanity at a time when every other call was going unanswered. It hit at the heart of our schizophrenic micro-macro existence, playing to our big picture fears and hitting at our little everyday lives.

The human race was going to have to face a global crisis. There was nothing surer. We just didn’t know whether it would come from nature, from terrorism, from politics or a pandemic.

As it turned out, we simply weren’t ready. In the pages of Brutal Truths, you’ll discover why we were caught short, as I present the fundamental societal truths that are being ignored in a rush to over civilise our human nature.

This is a book designed to halt progress and have us question the changes since the information revolution. Changes in the way we relate, govern, have public debate, lead and allow for all views. It questions whether we have let the social pendulum swing too far in the other direction as a counter to protestations of minorities and do-gooders and in our newfound quest to make everyone feel equal and heard.

Brutal Truths is a book about why our lies have caught up with us and why we so desperately need to reset the way we build our resilience, understand our brutal hard-wiring and over-compensate for society’s minorities. More than that, this is a book designed to help individuals analyse their own truths and their own beliefs so as to create more success, more community cohesion and more individual happiness.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some key insights and learnings from the book with my LinkedIn network and the rest of the world through 50 Crates.


I hope that in reading these words, you will not only question what you hold true, but you’ll reset forever the importance of truth on self-respect, belonging, and personal success.

I anticipate that some of you will disagree with what you read. You might even feel angry or outraged. As always, I encourage you to question those feelings, dig for the truth that lies beneath, and open up dialogue around these feelings.

My inbox and comments are always open.

The Brutal Truth is coming, whether you’re ready or not.

September 14th

Brutal Truths

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