Australian Betail Survey 2019


Who is surviving Australia's Retail Swamp?

Announcing 50 Crates' 2019 Australian Betail Survey.

In 2015, Hammond Thinking conducted one of Australia’s largest retail surveys, concluding that the traditional bricks and mortar retail industry was on the precipice of a full-blown crisis of consumer engagement and, ultimately, in-store spending.

Five years on, 50 Crates has found the situation markedly worse.

With economic conditions worsening and online retailers dominating share of wallet, Australian retail is stuck in a swamp; slowing but surely sinking into oblivion.  

But not all hope is lost. In the slowly sinking swamp of traditional retail, there are a number of Australian-owned brands fighting to usher in a renaissance of belief-lead retail. We call them Betailers. This timely study aims to shine a light on the best and worst Aussie retailers, and ultimately show us how to rise above and usher in a new renaissance of retail in Australia.

• Top 10 Betail brands of 2019.
• The 7 Deadly Sins of Retail.
• The Aussie brands that just missed the mark.
• The one brand we’ve dubbed “The Swamp Monster”.
• We declare the 4 P’s of Betail.

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